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Ups and Downs

Here I am once again, after a long absence. That is actually a good thing, believe it or not. I realized that I write mostly when I am having a difficult time. So, having been absent means things have been… Continue Reading →

Gone for a While

So I have been gone for a long while.  I have actually missed writing.  Don’t know why I haven’t sat down to do so.  I hope to get back to writing.  I have thought of it often, though now must… Continue Reading →

Darkness Looms

Darkness hangs overhead, once again It is creeping up, settling on me like a fog There is no way out, only through I can’t stop it, just feel it settle, then wait for it to dissipate Bring on the light,… Continue Reading →

Survival by Silence

The sound of silence It’s better than not You can’t go wrong No mistakes to be made Just peace and calm Going my own way, with my own thoughts Just me, myself, and I Don’t let on Form a smile… Continue Reading →

Reticent – Word of the Day

So I looked up the word of the day, and it’s reticent.  That is appropriate at the moment for my son.  He is reticent to write his college essay.  I have been after him for weeks now to get it… Continue Reading →

On Getting Old

It’s actually happening, I’m getting old.  I would never let people say that before.  Whenever someone would say, “I’m getting old,” I would tell them they are really just getting older, not old.  It’s all a frame of mind I… Continue Reading →

Juicy Fruit

Mmmmm….cold and juicy fruit.  Just what I wanted at the end of the day.  My body was craving something healthy and fresh, so I stopped at the local fruit market and picked up cut up fresh fruit: watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew,… Continue Reading →

Shame on the Doubters

I learned tonight that some members of my family don’t believe in me very much.  They doubt me.  I feel sad that this is so, for I have done many things that prove I follow through with things I set… Continue Reading →

Graduation for Two

This weekend is a special one for my family. I have a niece and a nephew, from two different families, both graduating from college. They are the first to graduate from college in 15 years, and the oldest in each… Continue Reading →

Mourning the Sun

Everyone is in mourning. I see it all around me. I hear people talking. I see their faces. The sun has gone, seemingly never to return, and we are lost. So sad are we without those glorious rays of sunshine… Continue Reading →

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