I just feel like writing.  I’ve thought lots of times.  Don’t know how to say all that’s in my head.  I just know I’m up and I’m down, and I’m getting tired of trying hard to keep myself up. It’s a constant restart.  What an effort it is, for those that don’t know.  It’s draining.  Day in and day out.  Picking myself up, putting on the smile, doing what I must, trying to make it all good.  Then I wear out.  I have nothing left.  I need help, and get some, but it’s not enough.  The road was nice for a while, even you may say.  But lately there are more hills which I despise.  Up and down, up and down.  More restarts.  I never was one for roller coasters.  A nice easy ride is more my style.  That’s what I am in search of.  Wherever it may be.  I long for a flat road so at last I can be just me.

Until next time…

Photo courtesy of Creative Commons