I made a notable purchase last week.  Yes, notable.  Large for me.  I treated myself to a new road bike.  Biking is my new form of exercise.  I used to be a runner, well jogger really, but after running the New York City Marathon in 2010 I was done with that.  That was one of the most amazing experiences of my life I must say, but all the training and the injuries that went along with it burnt me out.  One and done.  I wish I could do more, for it was a euphoric experience, one I will never forget.  Well, now I have moved on because I just can’t seem to bring myself to run anymore.  I am really enjoying the sport of cycling.  It is a social sport – I can ride with a friend, chat while riding, go with a group of friends if I want.  It is nice in that I can pedal and then coast and enjoy the scenery too.  I feel like I can go anywhere on my bike.  It is so freeing to have a bike and go places.

I had a bike before this new one, a hybrid bike that was for mountain biking that I got twenty-five years ago.  I had it tuned up last year and had thinner tires put on it for road biking, but it was just too heavy for me to be productive on the road.  I’d be slogging up the hills.  Now this new bike is so much lighter and the gears work wonders on the hills.  I want to be that 80-year-old you see still going strong.  To be that way I need to keep on moving.  I fear that once I stop, it’s all over, so my intention is to keep moving!

Next week my friend and I will ride in the NYC 5 Borough Bike Tour, a 40 mile ride through the 5 boroughs as the title says.  I am so looking forward to that.   She and I have fun together.  We are the Spin Stirs!  What a team!

Until next time…