I learned tonight that some members of my family don’t believe in me very much.  They doubt me.  I feel sad that this is so, for I have done many things that prove I follow through with things I set out to do.  I guess they focus on the few things I did not.

I can recall wanting to learn to knit.  I taught myself to knit, thanks to the internet and

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YouTube.  I did that for a while, then stopped.  Now I pick it up only once in a while to relax.   Our family joined the gym.  I go once in a while, more often in winter than in summer.  I’m not a huge fan of going to the gym.  That wasn’t a “thing” I had set out to do anyway, so you can’t exactly say I didn’t follow through there.   I did try yoga for a while and got excited about that, but I only do that once in a while as well.

I DID have a goal of running the NYC marathon, which they doubted I would do, and I trained for it and completed it too.  HA.  I started biking last year and am still into biking.  So much so that I invested in a beautiful new light bike.  I love riding it and plan to continue riding for exercise and for fun.  I have already done a few road tours.  They are surprised I still bike.  Bah humbug to them.

I guess they just see the things I stopped and doubt all my goals and dreams because of those.  What a shame.  Sad for me to have people in my life who are behind me doubting me all the way.  Well, as long as I am happy doing what I am doing, who cares what those doubters think anyway, right?  Life is about doing what makes you happy, and that is what I will continue to do.

Until next time…

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