So I have been gone for a long while.  I have actually missed writing.  Don’t know why I haven’t sat down to do so.  I hope to get back to writing.  I have thought of it often, though now must put thoughts into action.   Sadly, perhaps somehow due to my inactivity, I have lost access to one of my WordPress accounts.  My two accounts were linked before and I could write on either one.  Now I can only go see the other site and not write on it.  It doesn’t even show up as a site of mine.  I have no idea how to rectify the situation other than write a question in a forum and hope for some answers to come along.  There is a long story behind why I have two sites.  The short of it is that I wanted to try to branch out and make what I thought would be a fancier site and get me more traffic so I turned to an outside hosting company.  Still a WordPress account, just hosted by an outside company.  For some reason I thought that would give me lots of new abilities – which it didn’t really.  Sadly it made it so my posts didn’t show up on the WordPress Reader.  That is where I got most of my viewers and followers from, so naturally I lost readership.  The plan backfired.  It took a lot to change to this new site, and now it caused me to have the old one plus this new one.  So I can either keep writing on two, or just abandon one and stick to the other.  Big decision.  I may just stay with regular WordPress and hope to get more followers.  I enjoy the idea of others reading and enjoying what I have to post.  There is a community feeling there, a feeling of camaraderie and support.  I miss that.  

Well,  that’s it for now, until next time. Be well.

Photo courtesty of CC0 Max Pixel