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No More Rain, Please

It’s cold and rainy, once again The cold goes right to my bones And the clouds send me to bed This weather wreaks havoc on my head Sunshine is what I need I’m so tired of the rain Please just… Continue Reading →

What a Parent Does for Love

Cute story here.  Just thought I’d share.  So my son over slept and was running late for work today.  My husband and I did our best to get him up for work, but being a tired 16-year-old, he wouldn’t budge…. Continue Reading →

Notably New Wheels

Notable I made a notable purchase last week.  Yes, notable.  Large for me.  I treated myself to a new road bike.  Biking is my new form of exercise.  I used to be a runner, well jogger really, but after running… Continue Reading →

We Didn’t Feel Safe

My Friday.  Go to work.  Sit on hall duty.  Witness commotion.  Learn of threat of student coming back to shoot school.  No lockdown…why not?  Students terrified.  Parents picking up.  Tears flow.  Admin pretends business as usual.  Kids and some teachers… Continue Reading →


Suddenly He was here one day, then suddenly gone the next.  Just like that.  In an instant it seemed.  Never again to be loved or spoken too.  He took himself away, suddenly.  Left a gaping hole in our hearts, broken… Continue Reading →

To Where the Path Leads

Back to Life Like the crocus that starts to pop up through the dirt. Like the sun that starts to appear over the horizon.  Like the wilted flower that begins to come back to life.  So too her world begins… Continue Reading →

Awaiting Wind

Here I sit like a boat in the sea With empty sails, no wind for me Just waiting Hoping For that eventual breeze To bring me back to my fleet.   Until next time… Photo Courtesy of CC0 Matheus Silva

Waiting For Flat

Restart I just feel like writing.  I’ve thought lots of times.  Don’t know how to say all that’s in my head.  I just know I’m up and I’m down, and I’m getting tired of trying hard to keep myself up…. Continue Reading →

All Luv Its

Freedom, new skiis.  I’m on vacation in Canada this week skiing on my new K2 All Luv Its.  The name fits – for I do love them.  I feel like an angel just gliding on the snow as I make… Continue Reading →

25 Years of Growing Together

This weekend my husband and I celebrated our 25 wedding anniversary, a few days early.  We love NYC so we treated ourselves to a relaxing overnight trip.   Despite the steady rain, we ventured out to a nice bar for an… Continue Reading →

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